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Levenhuk DC65 Compass

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Levenhuk DC65 Compass
Compass with a floating dial scale, sighting slot and built-in illumination

Levenhuk DC65 is a classic compass designed for a wide range of users – among them: tourists, travelers or camping fans. You will easily orient on a map and find your way in unknown places. The compass has a built-in illumination, which is why you can use it day and night.

Levenhuk DC65 Compass has a floating dial that makes it much faster for the needle to find the balance than in simple compass models. The dial is scaled with degrees and mils*. The cardinal points are large and clear. A sighting slot and magnifying lens with a sight notch will help you keep the desired direction. Two scale bars are graduated on the edges of the compass for operating with maps. The thumb loop enables a firm grasp.

The LED illumination is powered with one battery (purchased separately).

* a mil – a thousandth of an inch, or about 25.4μm