Meade #64 T-Adapter for ETX90/125 Telescopes – Madeira Optics
Meade #64 T-Adapter for ETX90/125 Telescopes

Meade #64 T-Adapter for ETX90/125 Telescopes

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Meade #64 T-Adapter allows for prime focus photography with Meade ETX-90 and ETX-125 models. The #64 T-Adapter threads to the rear photo port of the ETX telescope.

Output is a standard photographic T-thread to which many imaging devices including the Meade DSI will thread directly. For film based SLR cameras a T-Mount (not included) is required, ordered separately for your specific 35-mm camera brand and model. The combined 64T adapter and T-Mount rigidly couple the telescope’s optical system, which in effect becomes the camera’s lens.

Compatible with all ETX90 and ETX125 models including ETX90, ETX90RA, ETX90PE, and all ETX125 and ETX125PE models.

Brand Meade Instruments Corp.
Warranty, years 2
Package size (LxWxH), cm 15.24x10.16x10.16
Shipping Weight, kg 0.2